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Random Widgets Inc. based in Miami FL was founded in 2007 by a student. It has produced a number of iOS applications including: iBehave, a parenting app that allows parents to reinforce good behavior through visual marbles in a jar, and Clear Sky Chart Viewer which aids astronomers with accurate weather forecasts at specific viewing locations. Both applications have since been downloaded thousands of times. Random Widgets also provides consulting services for website and app design.



Ahan Malhotra


Developer, Founder, Marketer, Owner, Accountant, And Everything Else

iBehave Parenting is the hardest job in the world, but it is about to get easier with iBehave.
Rewards charts can work, but they are limited, Young children need their feedback to be more immediate. iBehave lets parents affirm good behavior and deter negative behavior from the convenience of your iPhone. After setting an appropriate goal with their child, iBehave allows parents to reward good behavior (desired outcomes) with marbles . When the child's marbles reach the top of the jar, they earn the reward. Of course, marbles can be lost for various reasons too. If you use iBehave for at least one week, you will find that your children listen better and are more responsive and accountable to the expectations you have set for them. They will love earning their marbles!! Or, you can track anything in your life using iBehave.
Are you staying on your diet?
Are you using curse words?
Are you exercising daily?
Track your own goals so you can see if you behave.

iCSC: Clear Sky Chart Viewer

Finding The Right Time To Observe Is Hard, But It Just Got Easier!

Choosing when and where to observe is hard. It's a pain to take out your telescope and then having to put it away when clouds quickly roll in.


Well, now you don't have to. With iCSC on your iPhone, you can easily search around for the best location, using Clear Sky Charts published by Attilla Danko.


The Clear Sky Chart, invented and maintained by Attilla Danko, shows at a glance when, in the next 48 hours, one might expect clear and dark skies for a specific observing site.


There are over 4600 charts available for North America, with data provided by Allan Rahill of the Canadian Meteorological Center. These charts provide Cloud Cover, Transparency, Seeing, Darkness, Wind, Humidity, and Temperature. Users can also enable a legend to help read the charts.


iCSC allows users to find charts by title, location, or with a map. Users can then save the charts that they use often.


While Clear Sky Charts are targeted at astronomers, anyone who wishes to look into the heavens, or needs a highly accurate sky forecast can benefit from iCSC: Clear Sky Chart Viewer.

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