iCSC: Clear Sky Chart Viewer

iCSC helps astronomers figure out when the weather is best to observe the heavens.

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Working with the Association of Independent Miami Schools (AIMS), Random Widgets developed a responsive site for Students, Parents, and College Admission Offices.

DK Culinary Ventures

Random Widgets worked with DK Culinary Ventures to design a website a website as elegant as the dishes they produce. We continue to provide social media and technology consulting.


Random Widgets has helped countless organizations with their technology needs. Yours could be next!

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About Us

Random Widgets Inc. based in Miami FL was founded in 2007 by a student. It has produced a number of iOS applications including: iBehave, a parenting app that allows parents to reinforce good behavior through visual marbles in a jar, and Clear Sky Chart Viewer which aids astronomers with accurate weather forecasts at specific viewing locations. Both applications have since been downloaded thousands of times. Random Widgets also provides consulting services for website and app design.

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We've worked on a wide range of products with many different clients. Each project, unique in its own way, helps make us better at what we do every day. Let us know if you think that we'll be a good fit together!